Associate Professor
Computer Vision Lab.
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
Pohang, Korea

My new homepage at SNU is open now. [Link]


Moving to Seoul National University:
(03/2018) After wonderful 7.5 years in POSTECH, I am joining Seoul National University. I will maintain this website for a while but move it under SNU domain soon. You can contact me via new e-mail address, [bhhan (at)].

(03/2018) Our challenge is introduced in Google Research Blog.
(02/2018) The challenge is open now! Please visit our website.
(12/2017) I am organizing Large-Scale Landmark Recognition: A Challenge (Landmarks) Workshop in conjunction with CVPR 2018.

AAAI 2018:
(11/2017) We have one paper accepted to AAAI 2018.

Image Retrieval by DELF:
(10/2017) Source code of our local feature descriptor, DELF, is released at the github repository.

(10/2017) The project page of MarioQA is open. Click here for details.

NIPS 2017:
(09/2017) We have two papers accepted to NIPS 2017.

ICCV 2017:
(07/2017) We have two papers accepted to ICCV 2017.
(01/2017) I will be serving as an Area Chair for ICCV 2017.

CVPR 2017:
(03/2017) We have four papers (1 spotlight and 3 posters) accepted to CVPR 2017.
(06/2016) I will be serving as an Area Chair for CVPR 2017.

Research Interests

Computer vision, machine learning, deep learning


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA, 12/2005
  • M.S. in Computer Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 08/2000
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, 02/1997

Selected Recent Publication [More]

Awards and Honors

  • The Winner of Visual Object Tracking (VOT) Challenge, 2016
  • Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship (Advisor of Award Recipient Hyeonwoo Noh), 2016
  • Naver Young Faculty Award, 2016
  • The Winner of Visual Object Tracking (VOT) Challenge, 2015
  • Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship (Advisor of Award Recipient Seunghoon Hong), 2014


Professional Service

  • Conference/workshop organizer: ICCV 2019 (tutorial chair), Landmark@CVPR2018, DTCE 2012 (organizing chair), ACCV 2014 (demo chair)
  • Area chair: ICCV (2015, 2017), CVPR 2017, NIPS 2015, ACCV (2012, 2014, 2016), WACV (2014, 2017), ACML 2016, AVSS 2018
  • Senior Program Committee: IJCAI (2018)
  • Program committee: ICML (2018), ICLR (2018), NIPS (2016, 2017), CVPR (2007-2016, 2018), ICCV (2007, 2009, 2011, 2013), ECCV (2010, 2012, 2014), AISTATS (2017, 2018), ACCV (2009, 2010), AAAI (2016), IJCAI (2013), 3DV (2015), ICME (2013, 2014), PSIVT (2013)
  • Journal Associate Editor: Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Machine Vision and Applications, IPSJ Trans. on Computer Vision and Applications
  • Journal reviewer: TPAMI, IJCV, CVIU, TIP, IVC, TCSVT, TSP, TNNLS, T-IFS, JVCI, etc.

Selected Talks and Presentations [More]

  • Deep Learning for Visual Question Answering, IEEK Tutorial (02/2018), KSC Tutorial (12/2017), IPIU2016 Tutorial (02/2016)
  • Deep Weakly Supervised Learning in Visual Recognition, NVidia Research (02/2018), Snap Research (02/2018), Kakao Brain (09/2017), KAIST EE (05/2017), HRL (05/2017)
  • Large Scale Image Retrieval and Geolocalization, KSC (12/2017)
  • Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization, KSC (12/2017)
  • Regularization by Noise in Deep Neural Networks, VTT Wrokshop at SNU (09/2017)
  • CNN-based Visual Tracking, 1st Joint BMTT-PETS Workshop on Tracking and Surveillance at CVPR 2017 (07/2017), Google Brain, CA, USA (05/2017), NVidia Research, CA, USA (11/2016)
  • Deep Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (05/2017), Snap Research (03/2017), KAIST (05/2015), UNIST (05/2015)
  • Deep Learning at POSTECH Computer Vision Lab., Snap at San Francisco (02/2017), FCS Lab. at Samsung Electronics (10/2015), Hyundai Motors (08/2015)
  • Deep Weakly Supervised Learning in Computer Vision, Purdue University (09/2016), Korea-Japan Machine Learning Symposium (06/2016), KIAS (04/2016)
  • Learning Deconvolution Network for Semantic Segmentation, KAIST (04/2016), Yonsei University (03/2016), Naver (01/2016), Computer Vision Seminar at Univ. of Maryland, CSE Colloquium at Penn. State University, VASC Seminar in Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, GRASP Seminar at Univ. of Pennsylvania (10/2015), Willow Team at INRIA (07/2015), SNU (06/2015), Machine Learning Center Workshop at KCC (06/2015), UNIST (05/2015)
  • Deep Learning for Visual Recognition, SAIT (02/2016)
  • Deep Learning Architectures in Computer Vision Applications, EDA Workshop (02/2016)
  • Structured Prediction using Convolutional Neural Networks, Deep Learning Workshop at SK Telecom (10/2015)
  • Deconvolutions in Convolutional Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School (08/2015)
  • Combinatorial Optimization in Computer Vision, IEEK Image Understanding Tutorial (08/2015)
  • Structured Prediction by SVM for Computer Vision Applications, Yonsei University (05/2013, 05/2015), IEEK Image Understanding Tutorial (08/2013, 11/2013), POSTECH (03/2013)
  • Deep Learning: Technologies and Applications, ImageNext (05/2015), SK-Planet (03/2015)
  • Pedestrian Detection: Shallow and Deep Learning, ETRI (01/2015)
  • Beyond Chain Models for Visual Tracking, SAIT (12/2014), ACCV Area Chair Workshop at NTU (09/2014), KCCV at SNU (08/2014)
  • Machine Learning for Visual Tracking, IEEK Image Understanding Tutorial (08/2014)
  • Spectral Clustering, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School (PRMLSS) at Yonsei University (08/2014)
  • Tracking and Video Segmentation for Sports Broadcasting, The Korean Society of Broadcast Engineer Workshop (04/2014)
  • Recursive Bayesian Estimation: Applications to Visual Tracking, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Winter School (PRMLWS) at Yonsei University (04/2012)
  • Generalized Background Subtraction, SNU MAE (05/2012), DGIST (04/2011), SNU EE (05/2011), ETRI (07/2011), Hanyang University (01/2013, 01/2014)

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