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Miscellaneous Publication

  • Jeany Son, Ilchae Jung and Bohyung Han, Real-Time Human Tracking with Detection Feedback, Journal of KIISE: Software and Applications, Vol. 40(12), 859-868, 2013 (in Korean)

  • Jan Feyereisl and Bohyung Han, Extended Support Vector Machines for Object Detection and Localization, The Magazine of the IEEK, Vol. 39(2), 2012

  • Bohyung Han, Adaptive Kernel Density Approximation and Its Applications to Real-Time Computer Vision, Ph.D. dissertation, University of Maryland - College Park, 2005

  • Bohyung Han, Changjiang Yang, Ramani Duraiswami and Larry Davis, Bayesian Filtering and Integral Image for Visual Tracking, Invited to special session of Real-Time Object Tracking: Algorithms and Evaluation in Worshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services (WIAMIS), Montreux, Switzerland, 2005

  • Bohyung Han, Kunsoo Park and Dong-Kyue Kim, Gene Sequence Alignment and Rearrangement Algorithms, Communications of Korean Information Science Society, Vol. 18(8), 2000 (in Korean)

  • Bohyung Han and Kunsoo Park, A Fast and Simple Algorithm for Sorting by Reversals and Transposition, Journal of Korean Information Science Society, Vol. 27(10), 2000 (in Korean)


  • Jeany Son, Changkyu Song, Jan Feyereisl, Hyeonwoo Noh, Suna Kim, Seunghoon Hong, Hyeonseob Nam, Tackgeun You, Ilchae Jung, Kayoung Park
  • Suha Kwak (INRIA), Woonhyun Nam, Taegyu Lim, Donghun Yeo, Joon H. Han
  • Yoonho Hwang, Hee-Kap Ahn, Juho Lee, Seungjin Choi
  • Larry S. Davis (Maryland), Seong-Wook Joo (Google), Ramani Duraiswami (Maryland), Changjiang Yang, Jonghyun Choi (Comcast)
  • Juan Carlos Niebles, Fei-Fei Li (Stanford), Andras Ferencz (Mobileye)
  • Jihun Hamm (OSU), Jack Jiwoong Sim (Google), Jongwoo Lim (Hanyang Univ.)
  • Ahra Jo, Gil-Jin Jang
  • Dorin Comaniciu (Siemens), Ying Zhu (Siemens)
  • Ramesh Jain (UCI)
  • Seungjoon Lee (AT&T), Minho Shin, Jinwoo Seo (SNU)
  • Dong-Kyue Kim, Kunsoo Park (SNU)

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