Teaching at POSTECH

  • CSED703R Deep Learning for Visual Recognition: [2017F], [2016S]
  • CSED441 Introduction to Computer Vision: [2017F], [2015S], [2014S], [2013S], [2012S], [2011S]
  • CSED233 Data Structures: [2015F], [2014f], [2013f]
  • CSED101 Introduction to Computing: [2012F], [2011F], [2010F]

Invited Talks and Presentations

  • Deep Learning at POSTECH Computer Vision Lab., Hyundai Motors (08/2015)
  • Deconvolutions in Convolutional Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School (08/2015)
  • Combinatorial Optimization in Computer Vision, IEEK Image Understanding Tutorial (08/2015)
  • Learning Deconvolution Network for Semantic Segmentation, Willow Team at INRIA (07/2015), SNU (06/2015), Machine Learning Center Workshop at KCC (06/2015), UNIST (05/2015)
  • Structured Prediction by SVM for Computer Vision Applications, Yonsei University (05/2013, 05/2015), IEEK Image Understanding Tutorial (08/2013, 11/2013), POSTECH (03/2013)
  • Deep Learning: Technologies and Applications, ImageNext (05/2015), SK-Planet (03/2015)
  • Pedestrian Detection: Shallow and Deep Learning, ETRI (01/2015)
  • Beyond Chain Models for Visual Tracking, SAIT (12/2014), ACCV Area Chair Workshop at NTU (09/2014), KCCV at SNU (08/2014)
  • Machine Learning for Visual Tracking, IEEK Image Understanding Tutorial (08/2014)
  • Spectral Clustering, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School (PRMLSS) at Yonsei University (08/2014)
  • Tracking and Video Segmentation for Sports Broadcasting, The Korean Society of Broadcast Engineer Workshop (04/2014)
  • Recursive Bayesian Estimation: Applications to Visual Tracking, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Winter School (PRMLWS) at Yonsei University (04/2012)
  • Generalized Background Subtraction, SNU MAE (05/2012), DGIST (04/2011), SNU EE (05/2011), ETRI (07/2011), Hanyang University (01/2013, 01/2014)
  • Visual Tracking Algorithms, Computer Vision Workshop, Yonsei University (1/2014)
  • Background Subtraction and Visual Tracking Algorithms, CISS Workshop, KAIST (12/2013)
  • A Fast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm by Nonlinear Embedding, ACCV Area Chair Workshop (09/2012), Hanyang University (11/2013)
  • Road Environment Understanding, Hyundai Mobis (08/2013)
  • Trends in Computer Vision, Samsung DMC Lab. (03/2012), KICT (10/2012)
  • Recursive Bayesian Estimation: an Introduction, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Winter School (PRMLWS) at Seoul National University (02/2012)
  • Learning with Likelihoods for Robust Detection and Tracking, SungKyunKwan University (07/2011)
  • Towards Robust Visual Tracking: Challenges and Solutions, Mando (07/2011)
  • Statistical Modeling for Visual Tracking and Human Motion Extraction, LG (02/2011)
  • Personalized Video Summarization with Human in the Loop, WACV, Kona, HI, 01/2011
  • Towards Unconstrained Human Motion Analysis, POSTECH (12/2010)
  • Modeling and Estimation of Complex Motions: Tracking and Human Motion Estimation, Seoul National University (06/2009), Korea University (06/2009), Hankook University of Foreign Studies (06/2009)
  • Kernel Density Approximation and Its Applications to Real-Time Computer Vision, Seoul National University (04/2008), Samsung (04/2008), SungKyunKwan University (11/2008)
  • Real-Time Subspace-Based Background Subtraction Using Multi-Channel Data, ISVC, Reno, NV, 11/2007
  • On-Line Density-Based Appearance Modeling for Object Tracking, ICCV, Beijing, China, 10/2005
  • Bayesian Filtering and Integral Image for Visual Tracking, WIAMIS, Montreux, Switzerland, 04/2005
  • Kernel-Based Bayesian Filtering, University of Maryland (02/2005)
  • Kernel Density Approximation and Its Applications, University of Maryland (04/2004)
  • Sequential Density Approximation through Mode Propagation: Applications to Background Modeling, ACCV, Jeju Island, Korea, 01/2004

Teaching at UNIST

  • ITP1070x Engineering Programming (Introduction to C++): [2010S]

Teaching at University of Maryland

  • CMSC250 Discrete Structures: [2011F], [2011S] (Teaching TA)

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