Jeany Son - Computer Vision Lab @ POSTECH

Jeany Son (손진희, Jinhee Son)

Defence & Security ICT Convergence Center
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea

Email : jeany [at] , jeany [at]
[Google Scholar Profile]

Advisor : Prof. Bohyung Han and Prof. Minsu Cho

Research interests

  • Deep learning, Video object segmentation, Multi-object tracking, Visual tracking


Work Experience


  • Jeany Son, Daniel Kim, Solae Lee, Suha Kwak, Minsu Cho, Bohyung Han: Forget & Diversify: Regularized Refinement for Weakly Supervised Object Detection. ACCV 2018 (oral) [paper]
  • Ilchae Jung, Jeany Son, Mooyeol Baek, Bohyung Han: Real-Time MDNet. ECCV 2018 [paper] [code] [project page]
  • Jeany Son, Mooyeol Baek, Minsu Cho, Bohyung Han: Multi-Object Tracking with Quadruplet Convolutional Neural Networks. CVPR 2017 [paper] [results]
  • Donghun Yeo, Jeany Son, Bohyung Han, Joonhee Han: Superpixel-based Tracking-by-Segmentation using Markov Chains. CVPR 2017 [paper]
  • Jeany Son, Ilchae Jung, Kayoung Park, Bohyung Han: Tracking-by-Segmentation with Online Gradient Boosting Decision Tree. ICCV 2015 [paper] [project page]
  • Jan Feyereisl, Suha Kwak, Jeany Son, Bohyung Han: Object Localization based on Structural SVM using Privileged Information. NIPS 2014 [paper]
  • Jeany Son, Ilchae Jung, Bohyung Han: Real-Time Human Tracking with Detection Feedback. Journal of KIISE: Software and Applications, Vol. 40(12), 859-868, 2013
  • Chang-Kyu Song, Jeany Son, Suha Kwak, Bohyung Han: Dynamic Resource Allocation by Ranking SVM for Particle Filter Tracking. BMVC 2011 [paper]
  • Soo-Min Song, Jeany Son, Myoung-Hee Kim: Stitching of Microscopic Images for Quantifying Neuronal Growth and Spine Plasticity. ISVC 2010
  • Jeany Son, Soo-Min Song, Su-Ho Lee, Sung-Hoe Chang, Myoung-Hee Kim: Morphological Change Tracking of Dendritic Spines based on Structural Features. Journal of Microscopy, Vol.241, No.3, 2010 (SCI IF:2.136)
  • Jeany Son, Soo-min Song, Myoung-Hee Kim: Dendritic Spine Detection using Tree-like Structure of Neurons, The 12th Korea-German Joint Workshop on Advanced Medical Image Processing, 2009