Jonghwan Mun
Ph.D. Student

Computer Vision Lab
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
Pohang, Korea

Email : jonghwan.mun [at]
Advisor : Prof. Bohyung Han and Prof. Minsu Cho



Work Experiences



Streamlined Dense Video Captioning
Jonghwan Mun, Linjie Yang, Zhou Ren, Ning Xu, Bohyung Han
To appear in CVPR 2019, Oral presentation (Acceptance = 288/5160~5.6%)
[arXiv preprint]


Transfer Learning via Unsupervised Task Discovery for Visual Question Answering
Hyeonwoo Noh, Taehoon Kim, Jonghwan Mun, Bohyung Han
To appear in CVPR 2019
[arXiv preprint] [code]


Learning to Specialize with Knowledge Distillation for Visual Question Answering
Jonghwan Mun, Kimin Lee, Jinwoo Shin, Bohyung Han
In NuerIPS 2018


Regularizing Deep Neural Networks by Noise: Its Interpretation and Optimization
Hyeonwoo Noh, Tackgeun You, Jonghwan Mun, Bohyung Han
In NIPS 2017
[arXiv preprint] [paper] [poster] [video]


MarioQA: Answering Questions by Watching Gameplay Video
Jonghwan Mun*, Paul Hongsuck Seo*, Ilchae Jung, Bohyung Han (* equal contribution)
In ICCV 2017
[arXiv preprint] [paper] [project page]


Text-guided Attention Model for Image Captioning
Jonghwan Mun, Minsu Cho, Bohyung Han
In AAAI 2017
[arXiv preprint] [paper] [code] [project page]

Awards and Honors